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Use this form once to submit your class/club information to us. After checking and activiating your submission we'll send you an email that will explain how you can edit your information in future.

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If you run a club or class you can submit information about it via this form. As soon as we check and activate your submission the information will from our regional map page.

We will send you a login to the content editor so you'll be able to edit your own content whenever you like.

People can notify us if your information appears out of date. We'll let you know if we receive any feedback so you can fix your content. We'll remove information if it appears to be out of date for an extended period of time but we'll contact you before deleting anything.

If you run classes or a club in more than one location you can either submit a form per location or you can specify more than one region which means the same information will appear when people select different regions.

Obviously, if you're teaching in London and the Midlands, the people who find you via the Midlands link will also see your London info and will have to locate the Midlands info on your page... so it may be preferable to submit your regional activities seperately. If you run classes at more than one location within a region you can choose to submit a form per location or you can submit all the information on one form - it's up to you. You can always change things around later when you see how things are working.

Please don't submit one-off events via this form - use our Add an Event form to submit those items to our Events Diary.

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